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Model : RAC-960PEF

Product Type : Standalone Fingerprint Access Controller.

Maid in : Taiwan

CATEGORY: Fingerprint


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Unlock the future with our Standalone Fingerprint Access Controller! Experience sleek design, top-notch security, and advanced features including dual card/fingerprint contrast, large LCD display, and support for up to 9,500 fingerprint templates. Say goodbye to worries about access control.
🎤Usability & application:
Fingerprint access controllers provide a reliable, convenient, and secure way to manage access to physical spaces, making them a popular choice in various industries and settings. With the ability to support up to 9,500 fingerprint templates and 100,000 event records, Standalone Fingerprint Access Controller ensures robust access management.
Standalone Fingerprint Access Controller offers quick and accurate fingerprint verification, supports multiple authentication modes, and provides voice prompts for users. It also boasts features like duress card/code settings for emergency situations, programmable disarm codes, and communication interfaces for seamless integration with PCs. The inclusion of an on-board lithium battery ensures data retention in case of power outages.#Hundure RAC-960 PEF #Hundure RAC-960 PEF Price In bd #Hundure RAC-960 PEF  Price In Bangladesh #Hundure RAC960 PEF  #Hundure RAC960 PEF  Price In bd #Hundure RAC960 PEF Price In Bangladesh #fingerprint access control price in bd #fingerprint time attendance price in bd #card punch access control price in bd #card punch time attendance price in bd #hundure bangladesh #hundure dealer in bangladesh #hundure distributor in bangladesh

  • Display:128 x 64 Dot. Graphic Display with backlight.
  • Fingerprint Capacity: 950 user capacity. ( 2 fingerprint templates per person).
  • Card Capacity: 40,000 (max).
  • Log Capacity: 100,000.
  • Authentication Type: Fingerprint +Card +Password
  • Read Range: EM (8-10 CM)
  • Communication Interface: Built-in RS-485 & TCP/IP
  • Power Supply: DC 12V / 1A